Visio 22 and Visio 22+ (sold out)

When your eyesight begins to fail and your glasses are no longer enough, reading can become a tremendous challenge. This is where the VISIO 22/22+ comes in, helping you retain that all important independence. The VISIO 22/22+ provides extra magnification with a crisp, clear picture so you can lead a normal life again. VISIO 22/22+ magnifies printed texts but also photos and other objects in full colour or contrasting colours if desired.

Visio22 application

Arguments that speak for Visio 22/22+:

  • 22” TFT flat-panel monitor
  • aesthetically pleasing, stylish aluminium look
  • Intuitively operated buttons with clear markings
  • Easy to use – Switch-on and go
  • Complete standard functionality
  • Crisp, clear picture at the press of a button
Visio22+ application

Retain your daily independence with the VISIO!

Place your documents and objects on the XYtable and VISIO 22/22+ magnifies them on a widescreen monitor. Size, contrast and brightness can be adjusted to suit your needs. All the controls are mounted at the bottom of the screen for easy access, and are large and logical. For difficult reading material such as newspapers, the VISIO 22/22+ can enhance the text making it clearer. VISIO 22 is the standard model with 4 buttons and VISIO 22+ has 6 buttons and offers more contrasting colour combinations. VISIO 22/22+ is the perfect solution for independent living.

Technical Data and Downloads

Visio 22

  • Control panel with 4 buttons
  • 7 artificial colours with autofocus

Visio 22+

  • Control panel with 6 buttons
  • 14 artificial colours with autofocus

Magnification range

  • 2,8 to 60 times magnification


  • Full-colour, artificial colour combinations, inverse mode


  • Full-colour, 22“ (54,6 cm)
  • 16:9 format, widescreen with LED backlight technology


  • Magnification, automatic contrast, image optimizing function


  • 100 – 240 VAC 50 – 60 Hz 1.7 A

Size and weight

  • 51.3 × 56 × 58 cm (appr. 20.2 × 22 × 22.8 in.)
  • appr. 11,5 kg (appr. 25.4 lbs.)