About Visiobraille

VisioBraille GmbH is a successor of Baum Retec AG.

We manufacturer the entire line of low vision magnifiers, such as the original VisioBook, VisioDesk, and other CCTVs as well as blindness products, including VarioUltra 20, 40, and VarioPro -80-cell refreshable braille display.

Encouraged by the popularity of the VisioBook and VarioUltra 20 braille display and a notetaker, VisioBraille purchased Baum Retec’s assets in 2018, rehired its entire manufacturing personnel, and added a strong contingent of developing engineers.

Our mission is to continue to develop and manufacture products for people with visual impairment. In 2019 we reintroduced the original VisioBook and all other VisioBraille products to the US market, which are sold by our Master Distributor, Insidevision Inc. (Insidevision). We have established three service centers to ensure customers can expect full support for the new and previously purchased devices.

We are committed to manufacturing the highest quality assistive devices, improving their ergonomics, design, overall build quality, and user experience. That is our promise.